Songs to Motivate You Before Your Shift


It’s time to go to work! As nurses, we love our jobs; however, thinking about entering a long shift can be overwhelming. Why not turn up the volume and sing like a bird on your way to work? Here a few songs about motivation that we can all relate to:

1) New Day- Danny Gokey



“We do that song live on tour and it’s such a crowd-pleaser. Me and my band do a choreographed dance to it and we get down! The song took, like, three writing sessions to get it right. When you write an inspirational song like that, making it an up-tempo can be cheesy. So the goal was to remove the cheesiness. It’s so difficult because lyrically you’re like, ‘Uh oh, I see where this is going!’ So it took us a little bit of work, but we nailed it.”

Danny Gokey


2) I Will Fear No More- The Afters



So many of our songs come out of real life and conversations that we have just hanging out as friends. And I remember there was this one night in the studio where we were just gathered around talking about life and ‘Fear No More’ started coming together. We were just talking about some of our struggles and anxiety is something that I’ve struggled with for a lot of my life. I remember about us just talking about hey let’s write a song that’s an anthem against anxiety. We wanted to write words that you could sing over your life. Something that you could proclaim over your life. I will not give in to fear and anxiety. It’s an anthem for trusting God. An anthem for not living in fear.”

Josh Havens, lead vocals, keys and guitars of The Afters


3) Strong Enough- Matthew West



“I've faced a seemingly impossible situation or two in my life, and found myself having candid conversations with God. God, are you sure you got the right guy here? God, I can't do this on my own. And therein lies the point of it all. We can't do it on our own. Nothing is possible without God. But we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Philippians 4:13 has been a significant piece of Scripture in my life, and one that I have to be reminded of time and time again. ‘I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,’ and I don't have to be strong enough.”

Matthew West


4) Drops in the Ocean- Hawk Nelson



“I used to struggle with wondering if the thoughts I had were mine or if God was bringing them to me. One day, God gave me the revelation that everything I have is from Him. He gave me everything. I couldn’t come up with an idea for a song if not for what He has given me. Christian music is more about the lyrics as opposed to secular music which focuses on the music itself. ‘Drops in the Ocean’ was the most difficult song for me to write because it is written from God’s perspective, not my own.”

Jon Steingard, lead singer of Hawk Nelson


5) Nothing is Impossible- Planetshakers



“What makes this song so great, outside of the fact that it features Israel Houghton, is packed full of energy, and is an anthem of complete trust in God, is that the chorus is so powerful that it can be rocked out as a praise song, or rocked as an intense worship song! This song has a lot of value to a worship leader and worship team. The more you can do with a song, the more attractive it becomes. Planetshakers did this one right with the lyrics, the driving beat and melodic riffs in the back ground. This song will go over great in your congregation fast or slow!”

Review: Nothing is Impossible by Planetshakers


Music can be a strong motivator, but please don’t forget to practice selfcare, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. We’re routing for you!


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Written by Heather Morris

SAMC’s Nurse Residency Coordinator

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