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Nurses, These Memes Will Get You Through Your Thanksgiving Shift!

November 18, 2019
If you’re a nurse, you’ve likely had to work on the holidays before. We realize that it never seems fair when others have the day off to spend time with family [...]

The Importance of Self-Care as a Nurse

November 5, 2019
It’s no secret that nursing is STRESSFUL – your colleagues and physicians heavily rely on you, your patients expect the best care, and you are likely putting [...]

5 Simple DIY Halloween Costumes Nurses Can Wear To Work

October 15, 2019
Dressing up for Halloween is not just for kids! For many people, Halloween is one of their favorite days of the year. A recent article from Scrubs Magazine [...]

The Anatomy of our Nurses

August 1, 2019
In June of 2018, Scrubsmag put together a really charming infographic called The Anatomy of a [...]

4 Cool Things for Nurses to do During the Hot Summer!

July 30, 2019
Nurses don’t get summer vacation like teachers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the season [...]

Fresh Summer Memes and Gifs for Nurses of All Ages and Stages

June 19, 2019
Let's be honest...sometimes as nurses we have to struggle through an exam, a certification, the [...]

Body Language to Adopt and Avoid as a Nurse

May 29, 2019
You have probably already heard that not all cues are verbal. The body language that Nurses project [...]

Nurses! Stop Fighting Sleep!

May 7, 2019
It could be argued that nurses need more sleep than most of the population…but we would allege that [...]

Stress Management Techniques for Every Kind of Nurse

April 18, 2019
Stress. It is everywhere! Will you have enough time to make dinner for the week? Will you be able [...]