How to Prep your Nursing Resume for a New Career in 2020

How to prep nurse resume for a new career

New year, new career?

Nurses, if that’s your resolution heading into 2020, we’re here to help!

When gearing up for the job search, the first step to prepare is making sure your resume is up to date. Your resume needs to accurately communicate your skills, strengths, and how you fit the criteria in the job description that you’re applying for. However, deciding what to include and what not to include can sometimes be challenging. Keep reading for our tips on what to highlight when getting your resume ready to submit!

 1. Write a strong summary statement

Studies have shown that recruiters spend about 6 seconds reviewing a resume. That’s right – ONLY 6 seconds! That being said, its important to make sure your summary statement is clear and concise, conveying your area of expertise, years of experience, and goals for the future. For tips on how to craft your summary, click here.

2. Be specific

The more specific you are in describing your experiences, education, and qualifications, the better off you’ll be if you want to get that interview. Hiring managers want to understand the scope of your professional development in the field to make sure you’re a fit for their role. For example, make sure you include facility types (exp. acute care, outpatient, rehabilitation) if you have experience in a particular setting! Also, if applicable, consider including a stand-alone expertise section to really stand out against other candidates!

3. Use appropriate keywords

Keywords are a must! Nowadays, many companies use automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen resumes before hiring managers take a look at them. That means, if you don’t include key terms or phrases in your resume, your application might be automatically disregarded instead of actually getting into a recruiter’s hands. Make sure you read the job description clearly and cater your resume to accurately demonstrate that you’re a fit for the position!

4. Highlight success/volunteer experience 

Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself! Hiring managers like to see wholesome candidates. Make sure to highlight your successes and include your volunteer experience to show nurse recruiters that you’re a well-rounded candidate. 

5. Be wary of length!

While including the above information is crucial, make sure you’re wary of the length of your resume. Recruiters don’t have time to go through pages on pages (remember that 6-second statistic!) of your resume. Try to limit your resume to one page including the most important details.


A strong resume is your most important asset in your job search. Take the time to review, refine, and make edits to your resume before submitting it to your dream role. We assure you; it will pay off!

If you’re looking for a new career in the new year, consider Saint Agnes Medical Center. Join our team of talented nurses and grow within a top health system! To view our nurse openings, click through the link below.

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Written by Heather Morris

SAMC’s Nurse Residency Coordinator

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