Four Tips To Navigate The Holiday Season As A Nurse

holiday season for nurses

During the winter months, things can start to get hectic. With the holidays, flu season, and many moving parts it is important to be prepared and organized, especially when you are working in healthcare. Here are some of our tips to navigate the holiday season as a nurse.

1. Know How To Get In Touch With Unit Schedulers and Nurse Management

With shifts switching, schedules can get hectic during the holiday season. Be sure to know how to get in contact with your managers and the schedulers of your unit who may be taking the holiday off or are located elsewhere in the hospital during this busy time. Ask your team what the proper protocol is for getting in touch with those that are not on duty in case of emergencies. Being prepared with contact information will help to keep thing organized and efficient.

2. Be Prepared That Your Friends And Family May Be On Different Schedules

Working as a nurse, you know that your career is different than most. After all, you are saving lives. Once you know your holiday schedule, be sure to let friends and family know so that you can plan your holiday time with them accordingly. Some minor planning will ensure quality time with those you love.

3. Don’t Over Indulge

We all know how tempting treats get during the holidays. They’re everywhere, at every corner and turn. During the holiday season however, it is important that you are maintaining a well-balanced diet for this busy time to stay healthy. So yes, grab a treat or two- but you won’t want to devour all the sweets while you’re on the clock.

4. Practice Gratitude

At times the holiday season can be hectic, and not to mention cold, so it is important to practice gratitude during this time. Doing so will help you get in a great mindset to start the day or shift. Focus on what little things brought a smile to your face or motivated you recently. Feeling grateful for those things, will make you notice other small things that happen during the days and you’ll most likely feel more compelled to do small gestures for others. Who knows, you may even make someone’s day!


Here at St. Agnes, we strive to provide the best care to our patients. We know that in order to do this, we must care for ourselves. Use these tips to stay healthy and happy during the holiday season!

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Written by Heather Morris

SAMC’s Nurse Residency Coordinator

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