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The Top 3 Things to Do During a Weekend Away in San Simeon, California

May 17, 2018
All over the country, the weather is getting warmer - spring is here and summer is on the way! Planning a relaxing summer weekend getaway is something most [...]

6 Things to Do in the Mojave National Preserve

March 21, 2018
Looking to get away from the bustle of the city into some of the most surreal and beautiful wilderness in America? Just a five hour drive from Fresno is the [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Sequoia National Forest

March 2, 2018
“I’ve seen plenty of trees before. Why should I go out of my way to see these ones?” Well, you should. Because there are trees… and then there are giant [...]

4 Reasons why Fresno, California is the Best City to be a Nurse

March 1, 2018
Nurses are in demand in every city in America - but what makes Fresno, California so special? It's [...]

The 6 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Nurses

February 9, 2018
Most of the time, it seems that New Year's resolutions lead to very busy gyms in January and then [...]

4 Questions Nurses Should Ask at the End of a Job Interview

January 22, 2018
During an interview, most people are so concerned about answering questions that they totally [...]

3 Easy Ways Any Nurse Can Improve Their Work-Life Balance

December 19, 2017
Nursing can be the best career in the world,  but it can also be  challenging  to care for others. [...]

10 Perfect Amazon Gifts for Every Nurse on Your List

December 1, 2017
With the holidays quicklyapproaching, do you know what you're getting for the nurse in your life? [...]

12 Nursing Memes That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

November 28, 2017
No one ever said being a nurse was going to be easy...